Mommy Fitness: Consistency

When it comes to pregnancy and fitness, two of the questions I’m asked most frequently are the following:

“What’s your secret?”


“How did you lose the baby weight?”

I’m sorry to say that the answer I’m about to give isn’t something you’ll necessarily want to hear. There’s no silver bullet. There’s no special diet. And there’s nothing groundbreaking in what I’m about to say.

My answer is this: CONSISTENCY

I believe in doing something every day (with one exception), no matter how big or small that “something” is.

#1: Take Advantage of Good Days

During Pregnancy
When I was feeling exceptionally awesome, I would walk to and from work (5 miles) and go to gym where I’d hop on the elliptical for 30 minutes (although I couldn’t really say I “hopped” when I was pregnant).  I knew I wouldn’t feel that amazing every day, so I was sure to take advantage of it when I did.

This was a good day: golfing at 5.5 months pregnant

Post Baby
“Good Days” are now defined in a few ways.  “Good Days” include: Grandma coming to relieve Mommy for an hour to go to the gym; Daddy coming home early from work (so Mommy can go to the gym); weekends (when gym-time is almost always guaranteed unless we’re traveling); and nice weather days (when it’s not too foggy to go for a long walk).  Oh, and in the first few weeks of motherhood a “good day” simply meant I made it outside (even if it was only to get the mail). 

#2: Take it Easy on Bad Days

During Pregnancy
We all have these days…the days where we feel like we can’t move (but we’re going crazy), we can’t eat (but we’re starving), and we just can’t wait for it to be over (but we’re afraid the next day won’t be much different).  On these days, I took it easy but I’d still do something, even if that something was taking a walk around the block or a few trips up and down our extremely long hallway.  Something is always better than nothing when it comes to staying fit!

Post Baby
“Bad Days” are also defined in a few ways these days.  “Bad Days” include: baby fussing all day; baby teething; Mommy too afraid to take baby outside because baby might be teething or fussing; Mommy feeling exhausted (physically and mentally – the latter being much more paralyzing in my experience); crappy weather in San Francisco (because long walks are a HUGE part of our exercise routine…more on that later); etc. But on these bad days, I still do something.  I get on the ground and do some abs while playing with Abigail, or I pick up some 5 lb. dumbbells and do a few sets, or I walk up and down the hallway a few times (when all else fails, this is obviously the go-to in my household).  Once again, something is always better than nothing…

(The Exception) Take a Day Off…Consistently

During Pregnancy and Post Baby
Yes. Take a day off (or two!). Figure out what works best for you (my off day tends to be Sunday or Monday depending on the week) and plan on having that one or two days where you’re not expecting yourself to do anything extra.  Just be. And enjoy it. From my experience, having a day off is extremely rejuvenating (not to mention extremely enjoyable). More than that, after having a day off you’re ready to get motivated again.

So let’s go over this again…

“What’s your secret?”


“How did you lose the baby weight?”

Make a conscious effort to CONSISTENTLY do something…anything…that requires a little extra effort.

Set your own pace, set your own expectations, but expect yourself to stay active in some way.

7x7xMommy / StayFitMommy

QUESTION: What’s your favorite activity and/or way to stay active either during pregnancy or post-baby?

PS – we’ll be getting into more detail on all of this (and fun ways to stay active) in no time!

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8 Responses

  1. Sarah P says:

    On subsequent pregnancies, you’ll stay more than active chasing and carrying a toddler around!
    After baby, it’s all about swapping gym time with the hubby!

  2. Elena says:

    I find that being pregnant you come up with SOOOO many excuses for why you don’t have to/can’t work out. You feel too bad, you’re pregnant- you don’t need it, you can always start next week, etc.

    The only thing that keeps me going is remembering that it will pay off in a form of:
    less pains and aches later in the pregnancy, easier and faster labor, and faster recovery and weight loss post-partum.

    That being said, I’m off to do some cardio.. bleh…

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