3 Additional Terms Redefined.

8. Mommy Friends
BB: I honestly thought my daughter would be a natural Mommy friend magnet.  I also thought a built in group of Mommy friends was part of the package and that I wouldn’t have to put out much effort…
AB: I quickly came to realize that making Mommy friends requires a lot of work and the process reminds me of going on first dates (not an experience I was hoping to re-live once I found my Husband). Believe it or not, he was the one who scheduled my first playdate after he recognized a Mommy from our birth class (and I’m so grateful because she’s awesome!).

9. Baby Clothes
BB: meant adorable ruffles, polka dots, patterns, tutus and headbands…I was thrilled to dress my little girl in all things cute and cuddly.
AB: means grabbing the easiest outfit that will fit over a squirming baby’s body (zippers are always great). Let’s face it…between spitting up and solid food fights, dressing an infant in “cute” clothes isn’t very practical unless they’re attending a wedding or maybe a birthday party.  There will be plenty of time for cute clothes down the road.

10. Fingernails
BB: meant something to paint, something to keep short when playing basketball, and something that made me feel proud to quit biting (don’t judge…that was a big day for me!).
AB: means tiny, hard to feel, easy to miss (and trim fingers instead of nails), rapidly growing, annoying little buggers.

Stay tuned for more redefined terms in the future.

QUESTION: I’m curious, what are some other words and/or phrases you’ve had to redefine since becoming a Mommy?

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8 Responses

  1. Sarah P says:

    Is Abigail wearing jeggings in that pic?
    We can be “mommy friends”! The rest of this week is crazy, but let’s meet at a park next week!

  2. wiebkethrasher says:

    Um, I’d like a date, please. I promise I won’t be much work…

  3. Kathryn says:

    Shopping – used to mean retail therapy in an actual store. Now means click ‘n’ship.

  1. September 11, 2011

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