September 8, 2011


  1. a part-time job
  2. that allows me to telecommute
  3. and write
  4. for something I love and/or at least find interesting
  5. so I can make a little money
  6. while my beautiful daughter naps from 9-11am
  7. and while she naps from 2-3pm
  8. and possibly something I can work on when I can’t sleep at night
  9. oh, and maybe it could require me to go into the office once a week
  10. (which would obviously be an office filled with totally awesome, down to earth people)
  11. that way, I could get out of my pajamas and/or workout clothes (which are sometimes one in the same)
  12. and carry on conversations that are a little more sophisticated than “ba-ba-ba-ba…ma-ma-ma”

For some crazy reason when I typed this job description into Google, Indeed and Craigslist, ZERO results were generated.  Apparently it’s too much to ask for.


If you hear of anything, let me know…



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