Carrots: Reunited and it Tastes So GOOD

August 25, 2011

Kids, Solids

This Mommy keeps her promises.

I told you I’d reward Abigail’s green bean torture with some deliciously sweet carrots…think she was a happy camper?

"now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout, Mom!"

"I'm gonna get you!" (and with such precision)



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3 Comments on “Carrots: Reunited and it Tastes So GOOD”

  1. Megan Block-Brewer Says:

    You’ve done peas though, right? I would think they would have similar tastes. I can’t blame her though, I douse my veggies with butter and salt. :-)
    I’m more of a fruit kinda gal.
    I love the happy carrot smile. She’s one content gal, now! :-)


    • 7x7xMommy Says:

      Ya, you would think…but she LOVES peas and hates green beans, so what do we know, right?! haha…she’s the “expert” these days (loosely defined, of course) :)



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    […] can now conclude that after weeks of success (think: Peas, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes), Abigail doesn’t like anything and everything we feed her (think: Asparagus, […]

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