Cheap Entertainment: a Mirror

Looking for a new, free, brain developing (not to mention entertaining for all) activity?

Look no further than the closest mirror in your home.

Babies love faces – a human face is actually their favorite thing to look atSo why not have them look at their own face?

According to What to Expect, “The mirror helps your baby learn how to focus, track images, and explore the wonderful things a face can do. Plus, it promotes social and emotional development as she interacts with you . Eventually, she’ll learn that the friendly face she’s been looking at all along is none other than her very own.”

Pretty simple. Very cool.

Abigail and I typically play in our bathroom at home (the only place we have a mirror in the apartment…no wonder I walk out of the house looking like a mismatched goof half the time!). Today, however, we’re at KiKi’s house where there’s a full length, wall-to-wall mirror in one of the rooms.

Think Abigail enjoyed her new “toy?”

I’d say yes.

So once again, if you haven’t already spent time with your baby in front of a mirror (and the unbreakable baby mirrors are awesome to attach to their vibrating chairs, cribs and play mats), I highly recommend it!  They stay entertained forever!!!

Have any other cheap, fun, around the house “toys” your baby loves (or loved)?  Please share!!!


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2 Responses

  1. Heather says:

    Haha Abigail you are too cute! Harper is loving the book “Peek-a WHO?” by Nina Laden because it has an awesome mirror on the last page. I love how in love babies are with their little reflection friends!! Loving the blog Ali, keep it up 🙂

    • 7x7xMommy says:

      That’s great – I’ll have to check it out (sounds like something Abigail would most definitely love)! And thanks for the positive words – I appreciate it!!! 🙂

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