Peas (Part 2: Testing)

In yesterday’s post, we covered how to prep Pea Puree – today, I get to share Abby’s first reaction to tasting the final product. It appears peas are another food she enjoys…

First bite…not so sure…but she became a fan VERY quickly

What? Is there something on my face?

Like everything else she’s tried thus far, she appeared to be quite content with the new flavor and texture (and color!).  After each bite, she expressed interest in more by reaching for the bowl and spoon.

Give me mooooore!!

Here’s a little video…be sure to listen carefully…

And when it was all gone, she was definitely searching for more…let’s just hope every veggie goes over this well!

That’s all?

Oh, and after eating her Peas, we had a VERY happy munchkin…

Happy baby!


Here are some resources for you if you’d like to learn more about Starting Solids:

  1. Starting Solids (General Guidelines)
  2. PDF: Sample Schedule for Starting Solids
  3. Storing Baby Food (using ice cube trays)

Have fun and as always, let me know if you have any questions!


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