Abby’s 6 Month Stats

As promised, I have an update from Abigail’s appointment on Monday.  Overall, it was a great appointment filled with new stats, information on solids (which I’m happy to report I’ll be going into great detail on), and lots of pictures.

Yes, pictures (come on, are you  really surprised?).

KiKi came along and acted as the photographer for the day (and did a great job!). The goal was to document what the process is like at Abigail’s pediatrician’s office.  In my personal opinion, I find them very friendly, professional, and up to date (a pediatrician who uses iPads and computer screens in every room?  Who knew).

Anyway, I’ll start out with some stats:

1.25.11 (1st Doctor’s Appointment)

1.22.11 (close enough to 1.25.11)

  • BMI: 13.3
  • Height: 18.99″ (~50th percentile)
  • Weight: 6.82 lbs (~25th percentile)
  • Head Circumference: 13.19″ (~30th percentile)

7.25.11 (6 Months Later)


  • BMI: 16.2
  • Height: 25.6″ (~50th percentile)
  • Weight: 15.05 lbs (~30th percentile)
  • Head Circumference: 16.53″ (~30th percentile)

According to her pediatrician, Abby is in great health, she’s “very strong” and she “really likes people.”  Sounds accurate to me!

Here’s a look at the process…

Taking the recommended dose of infant pain reliever

Looks like she’s wearing shiny lipgloss

Walking around the waiting room

Waiting patiently with Mommy

Trying to fly (and maybe feeling the effects of the infant pain reliever…)

Having the time of her life!

The iPad’s connected to the…computer screen…

My favorite…paper!

Oh sure, I’ll rip it for you!

Ohhh, something shiny (how great is her Doctor, by the way?)!

Charming her doctor…or vice versa

Look at me! I’m such a good girl!

Mommy’s pep talk (and kiss) before her shots

The easy one…

I look like I’m enjoying this, but I’m really just putting on a happy face for Abby!

Ouch…”mad as a hornet”

But she recovered very quickly!

And got another kiss from Mommy

And check out those slick bandaids!

Overall, it was a great day.  Stay tuned for our journey into solid foods…this is going to be fun!


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11 Responses

  1. amaya says:

    Wow! FANTASTIC pics (and cute shoes btw!) ;D

    Who’s the professional photographer?

    • amaya says:

      Ok, had i READ the post I would have known it was G’ma Sandman taking the pics… but I was such in awe of the photos I skipped over that part. Nice work! (I may need some lessons on using MY digital SLR, or maybe I just need to get a new camera!!)

    • 7x7xMommy says:

      And thanks for the shoe compliment – I was copying my stylish sister in law 🙂

  2. Elena says:

    That was fantastic, watching the pics along with descriptions. A is such a happy baby!

  3. Chris says:

    What a joy to be there and the “subjects” were a pleasure to “shoot.”
    Abby was and angel and 7x7xMommy was a “champ” watching Miss Abigail endure her shots!
    Abby’s Doc was super duper!!!! And, very accommodating to the “photographer.”
    Can’t wait for the 9 month check-up.
    And oh, the solid foods blog…just wait 🙂

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  2. July 28, 2011

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