The Panda Report: Abigail is 6 Months

In one short month:

  • Abby has mastered the art of sitting up on her own (and somehow skipped the “tripod” stage…7x7xDaddy takes all the credit being that he’s been doing a variety of shenanigans with Abby since day one – think: having her sit in the palm of his hand while she “balances” herself in the air…heart attack city for Mommy!)
  • She figured out that pulling Mommy’s hair is the greatest thing since sliced bread (suggestions for discouraging that behavior are welcome!)
  • She knows that when she hears footsteps, it typically means her favorite person is coming into the room (that would be 7x7xDaddy)
  • She laughs and smiles more than anyone we know (and if I could bottle anything, it would be the sound of Abby laughing – it’s the best sound in the entire world)
  • She’s pretty much lost interest in her swing (not to mention the fact that anytime I try and put her in it, she attempts to throw herself out of it!)
  • Her 2nd tooth made it’s grand entrance (which made for two tough days and nights for Mommy and Daddy…well, and Abby)
  • She slept for 10.5 hours one night (and one night only…we knew it was too good to be true!)
  • And she has been attempting to crawl which is both amazing and petrifying all at the same time (it’s so nice that she’ll still sit and watch me put mascara on in the morning without going anywhere)

Gosh, and we have many things to look forward to as well!

  • Introducing solids into her diet (which will begin after I’ve consulted her doctor on Monday at her 6 month check up)
  • She’ll be sleeping in her own room (yes, she’s been in her bassinet up until now…tonight’s the big crib debut!)
  • She’ll be making serious crawling efforts (once again, exciting but scary!)
  • We’ll take her camping for the first time (this weekend)

But let’s focus on today…someone is 6 Months old.

Remember this little baby?

The Panda Report: 1 Week

Well…fast forward to today and here she is…our little goof!

And here’s what she has to say about  her big day…

If you missed it, here’s what I had to say about 6 Months Ago Today.


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7 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    What a wonderful bundle of joy! She seems to be changing every day 🙂
    What a sweetie pie…yummy!

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