My Mini Me

It’s 7:52am as I begin this post and so far this morning I’ve fed Abby, Travis changed Abby, we enjoyed breakfast in bed (fun!), I pumped (not so fun), we played with Abby, put her down for her nap together (and couldn’t help but stare at her for a few extra minutes on this lovely Friday morning), Travis showered and left, I did the dishes, made our bed, put laundry away from yesterday and let my OCD take over yet again and straightened every pillow in the living room.

The funny part is that last night before we went to sleep, I told Travis that I was going to allow myself to relax today.

Well, I’m obviously not very good at relaxing.


Now that all my “chores” are pretty much taken care of, I am relaxing. On the couch. In my pajamas. Believe it or not, the sun is even cooperating and shining through our windows (the sun that is normally blanketed in fog until ~11:00am).

And as I sit here waiting for the ticking time bomb to go off (aka – for Abby to wake up…the best kind of time bomb around), I can’t help but flip through a few photos from yesterday.

Photos that KiKi took (my little Momma, for those of you who need a refresher).

Photos right after I’d showered and wrapped my wet hair up in a towel.

Photos of my little best friend.

Photos of my mini me.

I can’t help but think about being a little girl and always wanting to be like my Mom. She’d put hot curlers in her hair…I’d put the pink foam curlers in mine.  She’d put lipstick on…I’d asked if I could wear some too.  She’d be cooking a feast in the kitchen…I’d pretend like my mud pies from the backyard were half as delicious.

I don’t know…while Abby had no choice in being my mini me yesterday (it’s not like she just picked a green towel up and placed it on her head), I can’t help but hope that as she grows we have moments where she really does want to be like me because I sure as heck wish I were as cool as her!

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone – stay tuned for Abigail’s 6 month Panda Report


PS – Little Momma, thanks for the great pictures!

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3 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    You are most welcome mini-ME 🙂

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