At Least I Tried?

I’ve always admired other people’s adorable displays of their baby’s hand and footprints.  They always look so perfect.

So in hopes of displaying Abigail’s perfect prints, I found a simple photo frame at Pearhead.  I actually received the package in the mail about a month ago but I kept putting the project off…I told myself, “I’ll save it for her 6 month birthday.”  In all honesty, I think I was just nervous about messing it up.

You see…while I may love pictures and making photo calendars and photo books, I can’t say I’m necessarily the most crafty lady.  And after attempting this little “craft” project, I’m pretty sure I won’t be making a living anytime soon in the baby prints industry (if that industry even exists).

Today, two days before her 6 month birthday, I decided it was time to get crafty with Abigail.

Man…she wiggles a LOT.

Do you know how hard it is to get a wiggly 6 month old to spread out her curious fingers and toes perfectly onto a “clean-touch” ink pad?

Well, it’s this hard.

So much for perfect prints. The crazy part is that they only give you FOUR pieces of glossy paper and one ink pad that only survives a couple measely attempts.

Don’t they know what I’m working with?

That’s right, a baby.  A really, really curious and mobile baby.

Is her foot really as long as it appears in her print (stay tuned)?  Heck no. But she moved!

Maybe it was meant to be a two person job.  I guess it doesn’t really matter though…Abby looks pretty darn proud of it.

And you know what?  So am I.

At least I tried!


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4 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    Hahahaha, love the hand print…it looks Picasso-like…I think I see an eye in the print 🙂
    Love what the two of you made today!

  2. amaya says:

    Abby’s like “What? You don’t believe that I’m capable of this kind of craftiness? Pfff, I’m such an artist!”

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