World Championship Baby

Dang it!  We missed the chance of a lifetime.

The chance to win the San Francisco Giants search for the “World Championship Baby.” 

And no.  I’m not joking.

As the CSN Bay Area website states:

Some people bought World Series Souvenirs. Others created one.

7:54 PM. November 1, 2010. The Giants beat the Rangers in Game 5 of the World Series to take home the title. Pandemonium ensues. Amid the cheering and the sea of orange and black, some people chose to celebrate more…privately. Nine months later, we’ll meet the World Championship Baby.”

Only the Giants. And let’s be honest…I wouldn’t be surprised if Brian Wilson thought this one up.

As I read about the “contest” yesterday, I was (embarrassingly) bummed out because we never even had a chance to participate! I guess you could say we predicted the Giants win?  Sure, we’ll go with that.

All I know is that when the Giants won, we took to the streets to celebrate and I looked like this…

And while we may not be “winners,” at least we have a fun little mascot to bring with us to the games this year!

If you know of anyone who could possibly enter this contest, send the info along…it’s too funny not to share!

Learn more here: World Championship Baby


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  1. Aw crap! Missed it by 2 months! November 1st I was on my honeymoon, we watched the news later from our hotel in NYC and were a little bummed we weren’t in town to watch the celebration.

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