Two Years Ago Today

As I sit here this morning listening to birds chirping and soft music playing (and I wish I could say the windows are open and a young child is learning how to play the piano in a nearby house along a tree lined street, but it’s really just Abigail’s lullaby track playing softly in our apartment building with the sound of muffled buses and somewhat muffled fire engines whizzing by outside), I can’t help but think about a very special day in my (our) life.

July 3rd, 2009

Two years ago today…I was living with my boyfriend in a one bedroom apartment in Nob Hill.

Two years ago today…I was excited to have a Friday off and a long holiday weekend to enjoy with family.

Two years ago today…I went to the gym like any other day and came home to a boyfriend who thought it was a beautiful day for lunch in Sausalito.

Two years ago today…I ordered my typical mexican feast (quesadilla and a margarita) and ended up experiencing a day that was anything but typical.

Two years ago today…I went from “girlfriend” to “fiance.” {Read more HERE}

And while it’s hard to believe that memorable day was two years ago, it’s even harder to believe everything that’s happened between then and now.

Long story short, life happened.

A LOT of life happened.

Let’s just say that two years ago today, I only dreamed my life would look like this…

And to celebrate, Travis and I are finally going to enjoy this very special gift we received at our engagement party – we would have enjoyed it a year ago today, but someone was pregnant and that probably wouldn’t have been the best idea…

Happy 4th of July weekend, everyone! Make some memories!


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  1. I got engaged two years ago, July 4, 2009. ๐Ÿ™‚

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