Product Review: Tea Collection

A week ago today, I attended my very first Open Studio for the Fall 2011 collection at Tea.

Not only was it a wonderful experience for me as a blogger, but it was an eye opener and a learning experience for me as a Mommy.

To be honest, I’ve never thought much about Abby’s clothes.  It’s either hot or cold outside…her clothes are either clean or dirty…and it’s either sleepy time or we’re “going out” (meaning we break out the tutu).

But the team at Tea views clothes much differently.  There’s so much more to them than “boy” vs. “girl” and “blue” vs. “pink.”  At Tea, they view clothing as a creative way for modern parents to introduce the concepts of culture and travel.   And coming from me, a Mommy who doesn’t think very far beyond “should she wear socks today?”, I found their inspiration and passion quite impressive.

For each collection, their team travels to a new destination, immerses themselves in the culture, and draws inspiration from what they see on a day to day basis (all I kept thinking was: “not a bad place to work!!!”).

Most importantly, the results of their inspiration are beautiful and truly go above and beyond “typical” children’s clothing.  The colors are beautiful. The materials are incredibly soft.  The designs are smart.

Here are a few examples…and while Abigail wanted to model them, she’s not quite big enough yet – stay tuned for updates in about a month!

Bottom line: While you can’t really beat the price or the simplicity of white onesies from Carters, the Tea Collection offers something completely different – culture, inspiration, and a story.  To me, these clothes would make wonderful gifts for births, birthdays and holidays…and you might just find yourself falling in love and buying them more on a more regular basis. I definitely think it’s a collection worth checking out!  Plus, it’s a San Francisco based company and we need to support our local businesses!

Oh, and ladies…Tea hasn’t forgotten about us Mommies!   They have a Women’s line too (I saw some of their new stuff and I’m pretty sure I had drool on my face!).   How beautiful and colorful is this scarf?

Go read more about Tea…{Tea Collection}

If you have any questions for me, let me know!


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    […] when I told you how amazing Tea Collection is {refresh your memory here}?  Well, now we all have an opportunity to go shop their sample sale (well, at least those of us […]

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