Baby’s First Cold

I feel terrible.

I am responsible for Abby’s first cold.

Mine came on last week…two days before my birthday (which resulted in canceled dinner reservations and a very early night).  And although it was a bummer to be sick, it didn’t compare to the feeling I had when Abby started coughing, sneezing and projectile vomiting (exorcist style…thankfully, that’s only happened once).

And oh my goodness, there is nothing sadder than seeing and hearing your sweet little baby cough like a grown person with a whole lot of crud in their chest.  You can’t help but feel a little helpless.

And a baby with a stuffed nose?  Wow.  Our bulb syringe has never come in more handy.  Babies can’t blow their noses…that’s what parents are for.

We’re booger extractors.

Luckily, she’s not running a fever, she’s staying “hydrated” (meaning she’s had at least 5 wet diapers a day…yes, I called the doctor on Monday with my first-time-Mommy concerns), and best of all, she’s still smiling and laughing up a storm.

What a trooper.

Here’s to Abby’s quick recovery.  Rest up, little one.

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