30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 30: Hopes, plans and dreams for the next 365 days

Today is my birthday.

I woke up to this on the fridge…

Not a bad way to start the day.  (and not bad handwriting for a 4.5 month old, right?)

It was the perfect snapshot of what the past 365 days have been all about as well as the perfect reminder that I’m so incredibly blessed to have the family I do…the daughter I do…and the love I do in my life.

And as a gift to myself, I’m going to (finally) complete this 30 Day Blog Challenge.

That being said, today is all about looking forward to the next 365 days.  It’s about my hopes, plans and dreams.

So here goes nothing.  In the next 365 days…

  • I hope to continue finding humor in all the challenging aspects of this crazy thing called life
  • I plan on being the best Mommy I can possibly be to my beautiful daughter and the best wife I can possibly be to 7x7xDaddy
  • I (will continue to) dream of buying a home
  • I hope to find some books I actually enjoy reading
  • I plan on opening a savings account for my daughter (had to put a few “to do’s” on here!)
  • I dream of playing basketball again without my knee holding me back
  • I hope my daughter continues to laugh and smile every single day (and will do everything in my power to ensure she does because every day needs a little bit of this…)

  • I plan on teaching her how to sit, stand, walk and say “please” and “thank you” (amongst other things)
  • I (will continue to) dream of writing for a living
  • I hope I’ll finally update every single post and link on my newly remodeled blog (ugh!!!)
  • I plan on eating hundreds of boxes of dark chocolate covered almonds from Trader Joe’s (achievable goals are extremely important amongst lofty ones)
  • I dream of a less foggy and cold San Francisco (this being the lofty one)
  • I hope to shave my legs on a more regular basis (but I’m not going to hold my breath on that one)
  • I plan on cooking dinner from scratch at least 4 times a week (another lofty one)
  • I (will continue to) dream of what it would be like to have a washer and dryer in my apartment
  • and I hope, plan and dream that our family continues to grow (in more ways than one)

Now I get to give myself a pat on the back for completing this challenge and for successfully making it to 27.

Here’s to the next 365 days…


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One Comment on “30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 30: Hopes, plans and dreams for the next 365 days”

  1. Megan Block-Brewer Says:

    Welcome to 27! It’s a wonderful age! :)
    Happy Birthday!


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